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no install fo instrument in studio at all [RESOLVED]

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no install fo instrument in studio at all [RESOLVED]

PostSat May 10, 2014 8:05 am

hi ,
i´m new to mq11 and tryind to make it run for a week now.
i´m on w7 ult 64bit , i7 cpu, Motu express 128 is my main midi intreface. i am in administrator mode.
when trying to install a novation nova , midi in/out via motu 128 port3 connected , i mah
ke a install from disk, have downloaded .sqz from sq site, the permitancewindows of windows pops up ,i agree to let it install/changs reg. entries ,and then : a ultra short flashing up of one (ot two overlayed) windows occurs -finish.
The studio windows stays white ,no icon in it ,no instrument installed.It doesnt work on AN1x,CS6r Motif rack,Access virus c, Vl70m either!
A midi Panic send will produce a MIDIinformation on motifs infopanel.

the virus is working fine with rekon vst plugin software (and panel), standalone and in cubase as well over the motu 128 -so the interface should not be the problem.

When trying to install, there sometimes windows pop up telling me that trýing to open sqz files it where looking like bank informations and I should ger an instrument driver file.

All a bit funny!

btw. please mention the extra billing of VAT before "confirm order" -I had to add another 65.- $ -up to now a nice waste of time and good money.

best ,Peter

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