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Noob Questions

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Noob Questions

PostSun Jul 16, 2017 12:01 pm

I'm thinking of buying MQ11.

1. Does MQ11 run on Windows 10? The specs do not indicate this.

2. Will it run on a 64bit computer?

3. How does one instantiate it into a DAW as a plug-in? (I use Sonar, btw.)

4. When run as a plugin on a Windows computer, is there any conflict between the DAW and MQ11 as to which program controls the USB port?

Thank you.
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Michael Lambie

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Re: Noob Questions

PostWed Jul 19, 2017 8:35 pm

To answer your questions....

1. Yes, Midi Quest 11 will run on Windows 10.

2. Yes, it will run on a 64bit computer.

3. In Midi Quest's Studio window there is an option to "Create Plug-ins" for the selected instrument in Midi Quest's Studio window. This takes care of performing the appropriate procedures to create a plug-in for the appropriate platform (VST, AU, MFX, or Studio Connections)

4. Yes, there can be. The ability to share the MIDI port is an attribute of the MIDI driver for the MIDI interface. If the driver is fully multi-client then the port can be shared. If it is not then you will want to look at using virtual MIDI cables. The advantage of the virtual cables is that they have one connection to the physical MIDI port but allow multiple applications to connect to them. This is exactly what you need for Midi Quest, a DAW, and Midi Quest plug-ins on Windows.

(note: on Mac, the OS takes care of all of this automatically)
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