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another communication problem

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another communication problem

PostFri Aug 04, 2017 10:23 pm

set up :
windows 7
cubase 8
MOTU Micro Lite
Studio Electronics ATC-1
Studio Electronics SE-1

SysEx data transfers and patch selection from Midi Quest 11 to ATC-1 workins fine...
when i do en edit on patch from Midi Quest its changing patch number! not actual edit.
ie: edit on cut off >resulting in patch change on ATC-1 !!!

tried cubase VST and stand alone, same problem!

SE-1 has same problem as above,
also, every time i sent SysEx from SE-1, Midi Quest receiving bank 5! regardless of which bank i sent.
from ATC-1 its receiving automatically, i have to sent manually from SE-1

there must be something i am doing wrong for this miscommunication between midiquest and my gear!
any idea ?
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Michael Lambie

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Re: another communication problem

PostWed Aug 09, 2017 6:45 am

The ATC-1 doesn't have an edit buffer so Midi Quest must use one of the memory locations as an edit buffer to perform editing. This is the patch change you are seeing and it is normal. If you want to see what MIDI data Midi Quest is sending to edit, you can always open the Monitor window from the Utilities menu. You should see that the cutoff is sending CC messages to update the parameter value. This is the output we see here.

The SE-1 is a little different. It doesn't have individual parameter edit messages so Midi Quest is sending a bulk dump for each edit message. Again, you can see this in the monitor window and results in a necessary patch change command when storing and updating the patch.

Regarding banks, I'm not sure what you are referring to as the SE-1 only has one bank which can be sent by SysEx. I assume that this is the bank 5 you refer to. This would then be normal based on the hardware spec of the unit.
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