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Super JX (JX-10 SE) Communication Problems

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Super JX (JX-10 SE) Communication Problems

PostFri Sep 15, 2017 5:46 pm


I'm not able to get a connection with a Roland Super JX (JX-10). The synthesizer has the Colin Fraser Update (JX-10SE).

I tried it with the MIDI QUEST MKS-70 Module, but also the JX-8P Module. Of course i followed the Fast Tips.

When I press "Get" in the Studio Window and Press "MIDI" and "WRITE" and select "MIDI BULK DUMP" at the JX MidiQuest11 only receives 2 lines in the midi monitor. After that nothing happens anymore. The JX Display keeps on showing "MIDI BULK DUMP".

At the JX the Patch Memory Channel is 1, as well as the MIDI Channel 1, SYSEX of course set to "ON"

My other synthesizers (JD-800, JP-8000, Microwave 2 XT) are working.

Can anyone help me with that problem?

(Sorry for my English)


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Re: Super JX (JX-10 SE) Communication Problems

PostTue Oct 03, 2017 5:18 pm

You should upgrade, at least, to firmware 3.x in order to have your JX-10 communicating with the MKS-70 Editor module.

Anyway, you'd rather use an old PC running Windows XP and Emagic SoundDiver 3.0.5 to get the job done.

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