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New user question

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New user question

PostTue Jan 02, 2018 4:08 am

I have been struggling with midiquest 11 for about a month now. I could not get the sysex data dumps to work with my Lexicon pcm 91 or my eventide h3000. I finally assumed it was an issue with my two moto interfaces. So, I got a m-audio midisport 2x2 thinking this would work. I still cannot get it working. The only videos I see are about MQ 10.

Just a simple question first is this an issue since I have pcm 91 and MQ only has PCM 90? they are the same hardware only one had a digital AES I/O.
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Re: New user question

PostWed Jan 03, 2018 11:36 pm

The SysEx for the PCM91 is completely different. We would have to do a little more research but it looks like the 4th byte in the header of the SysEx is different. This is probably an instrument type indicator. For the PCM-90, the value is 0x08. For the PCM91 (we have drivers in beta which have never been released), the value is 0x11. Assuming our beta drivers are correct, this is enough of a problem for the PCM90 module to not work with the PCM91. The sizes of the dumps are, however, identical. If you have Midi Quest Pro, you could probably go in and change the header in the drivers and it would probably start working. If you are interested, I could also see if it is possible to get you the beta drivers for the PCM91 if you are interested in trying them.

For the H3000, have you read the Fast Tips instructions? Have you tried performing a manual dump? Have you opened the Monitor window to see if there is any MIDI activity when you request the dump?
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