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New user old question Mac 64 bit

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New user old question Mac 64 bit

PostSat Jan 27, 2018 9:35 am

Hi there,

Im considering buying Midiquest 11 for my studio. However, there are several questions I couldn’find any answers in the forum to. So if this has been discussed, and I’m sure it has (search engine of this forum didn’t give me helpful results)

1) My iMac runs on MacOS 10.13. on 64 bit. Can I get the software to work on the Mac and also use the plug in in Logic X Pro (latest version)? If so, is there any additional application I’d need to make it work?

2) Is the company still working on a „translation“ of the software to be working in 64 bit? The 32 bit support on Mac seems to be over within the next updates in high sierra and I’m wondering if I’m investing in a product that on the long run will lose it’s value within the up to date macOS.

3) I’m using 3 Midi Express XT with 8 Midi in & out Port each. The keys that are hooked up to the interfaces are: K-2500, Tyros, Yamaha Ex-5, Korg M3, JD-800, Motif 6 XS, NordStage 1, Moog Voyager, Nord Lead 3, Ultranova, DX-7, XP-30, Kronos, Virus TI Snow, Microstation, NordWave, Yamaha VL-1, Virus TI Keyboard, Virus TI Polar, MicroKorg, Roland VP-770, NordsStage 3.
As I’ve seen the list of supported midi equipment, I realize that some of my equipment isn’t in the list such as the Roland VP-770 or the NordStages, or the Yamaha VL-1, among others.


Are there any updates in the works which address additional midi gear, especially more up to date keys?

If there is no editor or sysex application for a specific keyboard, is there a way to create a generic(or individual) setup for the not-listed midi equipment, which especially serves as a patch changer which holds all the recent patch names in Logic, so that I can at least send program changes from Logic to that gear and have the corresponding names of the programs listed in Logic?

Thank you for your help!! If you realize anything else in regards to my setup that needs to be addressed in order to make efficient use of Midiquest, please let me know.

Thanks again!
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Re: New user old question Mac 64 bit

PostThu Feb 01, 2018 10:30 pm

Hello Jesse,

To answer your questions:

1) Midi Quest will run on OS10.13 however, you must ensure that the OS is configured so that it disk files are treated as non-case sensitive. For Logic X, we have customers who have had success using the plug-ins with 32Lives, however, others have not been successful.

2) We have had 64-bit versions of Midi Quest on Mac running in house for some time and the iPad version of Midi Quest is 64-bit. The next release of Midi Quest for Mac will be all 32/64-bit code.

3) Yes there are a number of devices in your list that Midi Quest currently doesn't support however Midi Quest does support the Yamaha VL-1. When MQ12 is released, it will add support for some of your unsupported devices and I can see that there is at least one additional device which should be added shortly after the release.

In addition, once MQ12 is out, we will be putting more resources into instrument module development so you should expect additional instrument modules to be added from your list in the future.

To answer your additional questions, yes, there is a set of generic components which can be used to load, store and return SysEx from MIDI devices not specifically supported by Midi Quest. However, patch name support for Logic is dependent on Midi Quest having an instrument module. Without this definition information, Midi Quest has no idea where the name information is in the SysEx dump or how to associate patch names with bank select assignments.
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