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2 Patch Zone Questions

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2 Patch Zone Questions

PostThu Feb 01, 2018 10:20 pm

1. Opening patch zone for me has always been intermittent. Sometimes it opens, other times not. Often, after going to Utilities>patch zone, I see the added tab at the top, but no patch zone window. Refresh makes no difference. It seems the solution usually is to completely close MidiQuest 11, (11.0.3) then open again, and somewhere in the window...usually the lower right corner, part of the Patch zone window appears.

2. I think I was told that the concept of the patch zone is only 1 patch at a time when importing patches from the patch zone into my library. But sometimes I have been able to select multiple patches and it works. It takes a while, with the mouse icon spinning, but sometimes I'm able to import multiple patches. My question is why the intermittent import of multiple patches and other times I'm limited to 1 at a time?

Is there any way to import hundreds of patches successfully with patch zone?

I did trash "default.sqw" with no luck.

I'm on Windows 7 64bit, nvidia gforce 750ti, 3 34-inch 2560x1080 ultra-wide screens.
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Re: 2 Patch Zone Questions

PostThu Feb 01, 2018 10:41 pm

For 1/, it sounds as though the window is being opened outside of Midi Quest's window area for some reason. Usually, the best solution for dealing with this is to delete the default.SQW file because this is where the size and position information is stored.

For /2, I'm not sure why multiples would be permitted. The spinning ball would seem to imply that a queuing of operations is occurring. Maybe this is how it appears that there are multi downloads, it is actually a sequence of single downloads. The would be my best guess right now.

No, there isn't a way to import 100's of patches at one time.
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