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Building a MQ instrument for Kemper profiling amp

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Building a MQ instrument for Kemper profiling amp

PostThu Feb 08, 2018 8:14 pm

Hi Michael.
I was discussing this with you a year or a year and a half, i think, and i remembered you explained it was some sort of complicated setup for the communicating protocol but that's as far as i remember, also that i got a bit discouraged and laid it to rest.. But. Has somethings changed in MQ 11 that makes this process easier or is it only something you can set up?
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Re: Building a MQ instrument for Kemper profiling amp

PostFri Feb 09, 2018 8:28 am


Creating editors in Midi Quest hasn't changed. As long as the documentation from the manufacturer is good, creating an editor generally isn't difficult but it does tend to be time consuming.

Each manufacturer's SysEx documentation tends to have its own "style". At this point we can read and understand SysEx docs from companies like Korg, Roland, and Yamaha within even having the instrument. The Kemper docs are substantially different and we would certainly need to have a unit here to work with to ensure that our understanding of the docs is actually correct.

The SysEx implementation does appear to be either limited or poorly documented with access limited to the currently selected patch. If this is correct, it will limit Midi Quest's ability to store and restore SysEx. However, the capability is certainly there to handle patch editing.
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