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Importing old patch banks

Discussion of Midi Quest 10 and Midi Quest 10 XL
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Importing old patch banks

PostSun Jun 07, 2015 10:50 am

Hey guys --

I'm working on a project now that's going to require that I go back through my old patch bank archives, all the way back to when I had my Atari ST and was using X-OR. The three synths I need to import old data from are the DX7, the Korg M1-REX, and the Ensoniq SQ-80.

I seem to remember a long time ago that I was somehow able to import X-OR banks into MIDI Quest. Am I dreaming, or is this still possible? I'm using MIDI Quest 10 XL.

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Michael Lambie

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Re: Importing old patch banks

PostTue Jun 09, 2015 3:29 pm

Hi Tom,

You should be able to import the DX7 data using the "headerless data import" option in Midi Quest. I suspect that the data for the M1 and SQ-80 is stored in a manipulated state in the Xor files so it is unlikely that MQ will be able to import these. If you want, you could send samples directly to Sound Quest support and they should be able to have a look and verify for you.
Michael Lambie
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