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Korg Triton LE and Software Issues

Discussion of Midi Quest 10 and Midi Quest 10 XL
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Korg Triton LE and Software Issues

PostMon Dec 21, 2015 1:07 am

Hey gang...

I was glad to see the glowing reviews of this program. It was also especially nice to see Canadian company was responsible for this software! Way to go, eh! (Speaking from somebody in Edmonton, Alberta)

I purchased version 10 as I wanted to find an easier way to create/modify patches instead of going through numerous menus. From everything I could see, this looked like the program to have. Now, I could have bought the newest version, but because I wanted to work on older keyboards such as my Korg Triton LE and my Roland XP 80, I did not think getting the newest version warranted this. So, I was extremely pleased to see a good price on version 10 XL.

I ordered the DVD and followed all the steps (I think???). Here is what I am running:

- Windows 7 Service Pack 1
- M-Audio Fast Track Ultra USB (includes most recent drivers)

My computer consistently freezes when the program is redefining patches and combis. I can see that the software is sending and receiving midi information. When I initially attempt to extract the data from the keyboard, I sometimes have to "cancel" the particular patch, which then sends a signal to the keyboard to start extracting the next group of patch.

I have NOT done any upgrades to MidiQuest 10 as the links from the program do not work properly.

Hence, there is something not communicating properly and causing the consistent crashing of the computer.


I've got an important New Year's gig in which I have to create a whole bunch of patches for in the next few days!


Richard Korbyl
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Michael Lambie

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Re: Korg Triton LE and Software Issues

PostSun Jan 03, 2016 4:21 am

Hello Richard,

I believe we have been dealing with this directly via email...
Michael Lambie
Sound Quest Inc.

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