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GR-1 SysEx Retrieval Issue

Discussion of Midi Quest 10 and Midi Quest 10 XL
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GR-1 SysEx Retrieval Issue

PostFri Jul 29, 2016 9:40 pm

I just got an old Roland GR-1 guitar synth and installed the Instrument from the website (and later from the DVD). Manually initiating the SysEx dump per the instructions of the Quick Tips for the synth, I got a partial data dump, but the progress bar hung on what appeared to be the last patch (I was in the mid 9000 bytes of what is a 10000+ byte dump using just a raw SysEx dump.

Any ideas? The device is set to its defaults of Device# 17 and MIDI Chan# 11.

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Re: GR-1 SysEx Retrieval Issue

PostMon Aug 29, 2016 9:26 pm

Assuming you are trying to get the Patch Bank, it should be 9984 bytes. Anything less than that and bytes are being dropped.

On Windows, the one thing you can try in Midi Quest is to increase the number of receive buffers. From the menus, choose "MIDI / MIDI In Ports" and double the number of buffers and try again.

If you receive the same number of bytes again or you are running on Mac then the problem is almost guaranteed to be the MIDI interface so you would be best off try out a different interface (one preferably from M-Audio or Roland).

What interface are you currently using?
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