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Motif 8, PRE 1 and DRUMS sysex

Discussion of Midi Quest 10 and Midi Quest 10 XL
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Motif 8, PRE 1 and DRUMS sysex

PostWed Sep 07, 2016 11:53 pm

Running 10XL and selected Custom Set in order to get the PRE 1-3 banks as the collection locked up on Drums (and I found that the PRE's weren't automatically selected).
I got 2 and 3 to come across but had to "cancel" during PRE 1 as it just sat there for quite a bit of time.
2 & 3 came across fairly quickly.
Ideas on how to get PRE 1 ro why it and Drums won't come across MIDI?

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Michael Lambie

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Re: Motif 8, PRE 1 and DRUMS sysex

PostMon Sep 12, 2016 10:16 pm

"Drums" loads drum data from the active edit buffer however, this buffer is shared between Voice and Drum data so a Drum patch must be actively selected before it will load. I suspect that Voice data is currently loaded instead of drums and that this is the cause of the issue. One way around this is to create a new Set and then load in the SysEx directly into that new Set. It avoids the issues of any data failing to load and having to start over.

For Pre1, we actually have no idea why it is failing. The command sequence is identical to PRE 2 and 3 with the exception of one byte in the Bank Select message to select a different bank. Again, you could try starting by creating a new Set and then try selecting individual Voices in PRE1 and loading them one at a time.
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